Photo: Guy Candler Photography

A picturesque cove and village, with a beach of muddy sand and shingle. Facing north-west, it’s sheltered from south-westerly gales and provides a safe harbour for the local fishing fleet. In Welsh it’s known as Cwm Badau (Valley of Boats). In the past, it was a busy cargo port. Carreg Sampson, an impressive Neolithic burial chamber, lies west of the beach and a short distance inland. Abercastle is particularly popular with divers, which can lead to congestion if too many cars and trailers are trying to get to the beach.

Source: http://enjoy.pcnpa.org.uk/map.asp?catid=1#x=185449&y=233498&scale=28346



Dog Friendly: Yes
Blue Flag: No
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes


Small muddy sand and shingle beach, facing North West. Very limited roadside parking. Concrete ramp: 1:15 to 1:12 for 19 metres, leading on to soft sand.



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