Cinnamon Grove Gin

Cinnamon grove gin is a small family run distillery located in the heart of Pembrokeshire.

Their gin journey began in 2018 with the exciting task of experimenting with different botanicals and combining them with their fresh pure well water. After many months of tasting they finally crafted their distinctive flavoured gin. It’s the first gin to be produced this way in Wales.

The copper column still they use (named “Ruby”) was made in America where there’s plenty of knowledge of spirit distilling and the family are proud to use it to distil the flavoursome gin.

Cinnamon Grove is the first ever gin distillery in Pembrokeshire and take their inspiration from the wonderful countryside surrounding the distillery to create a gin which compliments the beauty of the county.

Each bottle of gin is hand bottled and labeled to provide a product which is unique to Pembrokeshire.

Currently we are not able to offer a visitor experience but we have plans to do so in the future. Meanwhile we are pleased to offer Cinnamon Grove Gin for purchase on our online shop.  SHOP NOW 



Cinnamon Grove Gin
SA61 1XG


T: 0749606309


Dog friendly: No



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