Mojo Marketing Ltd

Mojo Marketing is a strategic marketing consultancy offering a wide range of services for businesses looking to develop strategic and effective integrated marketing campaigns.

We’re a dedicated team spanning a comprised 25 years experience in brand & digital marketing in addition to graphic design. With a wealth of brand management experience within blue chip organisations including Coca Cola, Unilever and Masterfoods (MARS Inc), the team at Mojo exude a professionalism committed to developing strategic campaigns, tailored to individual client’s needs.

​The graphic design wing of the business stems from a greatly artistic background – offering bespoke brand IDs for clients to add longevity and ownership to their propositions.

​We love what we do and take joy in embarking on our clients’ journeys with them as a part of their wider team.

Branding Solutions
We’re all about The Brand at Mojo. Our team boast over 20 years experience with high profile FMCG brand…
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Digital Marketing
We pride ourselves on remaining top of our game when it comes to digital marketing – as the fastest paced…
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Social Media Marketing
We delight in how the advent of social media has levelled the playing fields for businesses irrespective…
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Graphic Design
Graphic design is all about visual communication. We see it around us every day in advertising, magazines and books…
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Website Development
Like ours? We can replicate for a fraction of the cost of some quotes you may have already received.
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Ethical Marketing
There’s no ‘green washing’ here. We are a certified team, well versed in steering your business towards…
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Mojo Marketing Ltd
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