Nolton Stables

We have a large selection of horses and ponies and take pride in our ability to provide suitable mounts for needs as diverse as a young child, who is experiencing horse riding for the first time, through to those
who have owned their own horse – and of course all those in between!

Whatever the destination of each ride, we all hack gently down the country lanes together – enabling groups of families and friends to spent at least part of the ride together. En-route the staff (many of whom
are the Owen family) are spread throughout the ride. This makes it possible for us to teach, assist and offer tips and reminders – to those who have may be ridden before- enabling you to have a confident and enjoyable experience. When we reach either the beach
or woodland we split up into smaller groups of abilities i.e. walkers, trotters, ‘rusty’ and ‘happy’ canterers and so on. We try our hardest to make sure every body gets to ride to their perceived ability.

We also offer accommodation and provide riding holidays.  Please also visit our website for information about Zorbing!



Nolton Stables
SA62 3NW


T: 01437710360


Dog friendly: No



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