Pembrokeshire Wake Park

Meet The PWP Sibling Team

Pembrokeshire Wake Park is run and owned by Sarah, Mark and Stephanie Harris, a sibling trio born and brought up in the county.  (We should probably point out at this point, that there is a 4th Harris in the ‘Harris Clan’; however, she is deemed the sensible one and so wasn’t silly enough to think that buying a piece of land in a part of Pembrokeshire you had never heard of and building a wake park at the edge of the UK was a brilliant idea). 

Together their passion for sports ranges from rugby to gymnastics, kitesurfing to ballet and down hill biking to snowboarding. The siblings felt very fortunate to have had such great opportunities to participate in sports growing up and believed it was important to give back to a community they loved. 

At first they all headed off into their own areas, specialising in Podiatry, Mechanical Engineering and Sports and Social Sciences. However, with a desire to run a family business together and a yearning to return to Pembrokeshire, they finally bit the bullet and returned home with the hope of making their dream a reality.

After 6 years of hard graft, they have now been successfully operating for 2 years, bringing Pembrokeshire its first wake park and Wales it’s first aqua park. If you would like to learn more about the build then please head to our blog where Steph (the youngest one) has created some absolute corkers to read. 

We love wake boarding, we hope you all do too!

We guarantee you will be up and riding in our beginner lesson

Beginners love cable wakeboarding as it is easy to learn, fun and allows for quick progression at an individual level. Our cables are specifically designed to aid beginners to get up and riding, all you have to do is hold onto the handle, listen to our qualified coaches instructions and allow the overhead cable to pull you over the water.

 For the more advanced riders, we guarantee to provide your fix of adrenaline for the day, as you make the most of our experienced coaches and custom made features.

Wales’ first outdoor aqua park

Splash into a New Adventure at Wales’ First Outdoor Aqua Park. Make your way around the inflatable course; splashing, sliding and jumping with all your friends and family.



Pembrokeshire Wake Park
Pembrokeshire Wake Park
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Dog friendly: Yes


We urge everyone to stay safe and to follow all Government advice closely to help ensure the spread of Coronavirus is contained. Do not travel to Pembrokeshire during the Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis. We must protect our communities, NHS and essential services during this period.