Plan Your Escape in Pembrokeshire

Think of holidaying in Pembrokeshire and you think of running free along a beach or striding out across the seemingly endless Preseli Hills. The four walls of home, school or office become just a distant memory. All that lies ahead is nothing more than the unbounded fresh air of the great outdoors. If that’s what you think – think again.

For those who like the challenge of breaking out from a confined space, Pembrokeshire has its fair share of escape rooms. The escape room has been a leisure phenomenon of the past decade with thousands springing up around the world. They are locked rooms in which players have to find a way out by following clues and solving puzzles. Typically players are given an hour for the task. To succeed, players need to work as a team, be observant and be able to think outside the box. And it’s an activity for all the family with children particularly enjoying the excitement and challenge.

Imagine passing the time on holiday with a book of crosswords or puzzles. Now suppose you can magically step into the book with your family and friends. Suddenly the words on the page are real objects and everywhere you look there are potential clues. That’s what an escape room is like.

And escape rooms are certainly not boring. Those who design and construct the rooms go to great lengths to make them an immersive experience. There is often an overall theme relating to a particular place or time. A secret of success in getting out of escape rooms is to enter into the spirit of the setting in which you find yourself. If the scenario is a ship then your team are shipmates and you are surrounded by ocean.

Of course it goes without saying that the room is monitored at all times by a member of staff using cameras. The activity can be ended at any point if an emergency arises.

If you are coming to Pembrokeshire with your family for a holiday then an escape room is an ideal activity to make your stay that little bit different. If you consider yourself to be an aficionado of escape rooms, but have not yet been to Pembrokeshire, then you have a glaring omission on your escape room CV.

Once you have escaped from the room you will have the satisfaction of having been part of a team that has successfully achieved its objective. And as you step outside and breathe in the fresh air you will appreciate even more running free along a beach or striding out across the seemingly endless Preseli Hills.

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