About us

For 19 years, Pembrokeshire Tourism has been the official tourism industry trade organisation representing businesses throughout the county. In November 2020 both Pembrokeshire Tourism and Visit Pembrokeshire began to migrate into one single destination management organisation for the county. This Love Pembrokeshire website ensures we are able to continue to promote our members until the migration process to one single DMO website is complete. 

Our primary goal  remains to help your business grow.

Tourism affects every type of business either directly or indirectly in Pembrokeshire. Our county’s economy benefits from an injection of around £585 million per year from tourism and supports around 16,000 FTE jobs annually.

As a membership organisation we are proud to have worked with and supported the tourism industry Pembrokeshire for the last 19 years and have built trade relationships based upon trust and expertise. We’re here to support, advise, campaign and speak for the Pembrokeshire tourism industry as a whole, locally, regionally and nationally.

We are transitioning into a private/public sector organisation which will continue to represent all types of tourism businesses – from small accommodation providers through to large tourist attractions.

We work closely with the business community, organisations and key stakeholders to support and promote tourism in Pembrokeshire and, as a membership led organisation we work hard to represent and promote the county and our members both locally and nationally.

As a member you’ll benefit from a large range of services, events and training opportunities that will benefit you and your staff.

Membership is open to anyone who is directly involved in the tourism economy and includes those who provide professional and supplier services.

It’s easy to become a member! Call us today on 01646 622228 and get started with the county’s tourism organisation.

Our aims

  • To remain the champion of the tourism industry in Pembrokeshire.

  • To develop new markets and maximise sustainable economic growth.

  • To work with marketing partners, provide member benefits and trade engagement.

    The future of tourism in Pembrokeshire is where it should be – in the hands of the industry and we all have a great opportunity now to not only shape the future but also ensure that Pembrokeshire develops and strengthens its reputation as the premier coastal destination in Wales.


Tel: 01646 622228, email: info@holiday-pembrokeshire.co.uk  Suite 4, Llanion Cove Offices, Cleddau Reach, Pembroke Dock, SA72 6UJ.


Please read the latest Welsh Government Covid-19 guidelines and frequently asked questions here.

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